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I just just started potty training my oldest! Someone give me some advice

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Does anyone know of a good way to start potty training?

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Ok mommies my son is 16 months is it to early to start potty training and if not how do I get him to stay sitting on the potty because he tries to stand up

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When should I start potty training my son?

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My 15 month old has started pulling her diapers off after the goes peepee or poopoo lol...could this be a sign that its time to start potty training??

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My son is 17 months. I recently started potty training. I was wondering from mother's of older children how long it usually takes to fully potty train a little boy. Thanks in advance.

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What's a good age to start potty training?

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When do you start potty training ?

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What age did you start potty training? I'm in no rush to do it, my girl has only just turned a year old but I'm curious when you ladies started and what technique you used.... :)

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My daughter has started standing/walking better without holding onto things, she not a pro yet but she's better. My friend's husband said that once they starting doing it without holding on that u can start potty training if u want. When did or have ...

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So, my mind is starting to head towards thoughts of potty training. When did y'all start and any advice/tips?

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At what age should I start potty training my daughter? She will be 2 years old on April 12.

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In need of some sure fire tips for potty training my 3 year old daughter. She does not seem interested in it at all but I need to get her out of diapers!! Please help!

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At 3 yrs old potty training is a challenge while being on again/off again type thing. Does anyone have any tips to make it an always ON Thing ??

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Potty training. We decided to go the slow road with potty training and let our 23month old take it at his own pace, and it was going very well for a little more than a week, however about 3 weeks ago he woke up one day and decided that he wants nothi...

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At what age did you mommies of boys start potty training?!?! My son is going to be 3 in June but does not talk much. He tells us after the fact he pooped. TIA!!!

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My 4 year old son is having behavioral issues at school. I've cracked down on him at home with discipline when he does the things he's getting in trouble for at school...at home.. he seems to go thru phases of being great then.. its right back to pot...

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So I was wondering if anyone has any useful tips for potty training my daughter??

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What are your best tips for nighttime potty training, and are there any products or tricks you'd recommend that minimize night-time bedding changes?

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My daughter will be 3 in August. She has reverted with potty training. Always at night you can guarantee she'll pee herself. We cut off her liquids an hour before bedtime and make sure she uses the potty before bed. She'll still pee. However, she spe...

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Any good tips on potty training a very stubborn almost 3 year old boy? :)

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When did you start or plan on starting potty training your little one? My husband believes in infant potty training and of course I'm stuck doing all the training since I'm a SAHM (sorry venting lol) I have had some success and it's better to clean t...

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My 3 year old has been potty training for about a year now but he can't seem to get going number 2 in the potty down. Any ideas on how to help him get it down?

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When did you start potty training?

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When is a good time to start potty training? My son is almost two and insists on being in the bathroom with either myself, his dad, and two grandmas. He on top of that tries to wipe for me. One of the directions we give him is "wipe your butt" and he...

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I want to start showing my two year old how to use the potty. I don't just wanna throw him on it and force him. Lol just was wondering if any mommy had any fun suggestions for potty training a boy?

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My son bailyn is 16 months old and I was wondering when would be a good time start weening him off the bottle and potty training him! Did I mention I'm 3 months pregnant also! Lol sonic I could do it before the new baby gets here that would be great!...

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Any tips for potty training a toddler (boy) age 1 , will be 2 in July?

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So my daughter was doing realy well with potty training at school and at home, all of a sudden she just stopped. Come to find out the teachers at daycare in the afternoon would help her go to the bathroom and instead just put her in another childs di...

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Just curious.. But when is it a good time to start potty training?? My daughter is 15 months!

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I am having some difficulties potty training my daughter. She is ready, she tells me when she has to go and everything. But I think she is afraid of her potty, she stands next to it and pee's than sits on it. But wont go in it. Any advice would be ap...

@Sandy, UT View All 4 Answers

I am having some difficulties potty training my daughter. She is ready she tells me when she has to go and everything. But I think she's afraid of her potty she will go next to it then she'll sit on it but she won't go in it. Any advice would be appr...

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My 3 yr old daughter is having a really hard time potty training. When she turned 1 she had 5 uti's in 2 months it was terrible and she went through being cathed and everything. Now she is in pullups and big girl panties but tries to go and she acts...

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