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My son is 10 months old and for the past 2 weeks has been refusing to eat. I've tried baby food and table food and everything in between but all he wants it bottles. I dont think its teething because he has no teeth coming in right now and he didnt d...

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My (almost) 9 month old son is not interested in baby food so I am just feeding him adult food and letting him feed himself. What kinds of foods did you introduce? Whats safe for him to eat with low checking hazards?

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My son loves fruits and veggies. He's 20 mon and I'm still giving him some baby food for meals. But he eats normal snacks... Trying to figure out meal plans he will like for lunch an dinner... Any moms deal with this?

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Ok so now that my son is one I'm wondering about should the things I feed him change? I am already giving him real milk instead of formula but I'm more wondering about food, should I stop giving him baby food and give him real food?

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When your babies are eating their baby food, do you mommies allow them to play with toys while they eat? Mine does but I don't know it it's a good idea because she is distracted by them. She is only 6months though.

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Does anyone make their own baby food and want to share some ideas?

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Does anybody else's baby refuse to eat baby foods? Mine don't want to eat it anymore she only wants table food

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Did any one make their own baby food?

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Anyone need baby food? Im in hemet ca $5 for all

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Ok so my baby hotel doesn't want to eat her baby food, she's been eating it fine up until a week or two ago and I was wondering what alternate ways I can give it to her that don't include adding it to her milk? (my sister keeps trying to force me to ...

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What age should I start feeding a baby Jared meat baby food my son is 7 months

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How did you know if/when your baby was allergic to a food? I have been feeding my son baby foods for just about 2 months. And when I feed him plain carrots he throws it up. But if they're in the mixed veggies or garden veggies he doesn't at all. Ha...

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My baby girl is 4 1/2 months and im trying to get her to take the bottle need to go back to work but she wont take it what can I do??? She also dont like baby food she only likes to eat real food not sure why...... im trying to give her atleast a tab...

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How old is your baby and when did they get teeth? I know each one is different but my 10 1/2 month old has NONE..and wants to eat big boy food. Will not eat baby food or anything mushed up or pureed!

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At what age did you start feeding your infant baby food?

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Has anyone ever made baby food??

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My daughter is 4 months and shes already on baby food and ceral. And she has trouble pooping and i have gave her gas drops. What can i do to help her ?

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I daughter just turned 1 and will eat puffs,yogurt and bananas but that's about it and pick at my table food. I tried geber graduates aand she wants nothing to do with them and I stopped giving her jar baby food a few days ago. should I continue the ...

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My 9 month old won't eat with a spoon! We are allowing him to eat our foods bc he does not like baby food but because we used a spoon with the baby food he won't even let me give him ice cream! Any ideas on how to get him to like spoons?!

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Hello there! I originally decided to sign on to this app, because I wanted to have play dates for my child who is 10 months of age and meet other mother's. On a side note, my daughter's practitioner told me that I couldn't substitute one of her formu...

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Hey have any of you moms had a picky eater? My 9mo doesn't really like baby foods. Its like they're too sour for him even when I add water. He loves mashed potatoes and boiled out veggies.. What other foods did you give your child at these infant mon...

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When is okay to start feeding your baby food besides oatmeal?

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Is it okay to give my 3 month old son baby food?

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When did you all start baby food? My son is 5 months and he stares and grunts when I'm eating lol

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My 9 month old used to eat everything from his spoon and fingers that I he gets so picky. I felt like the other day all he ate was cheerios and his milk?! He used to eat jar baby food but not anymore (so now I just stick to fruit tubs or...

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Is 14 weeks to young to start baby on baby food. I am BF but am excited to start her on baby food along with breastfeeding her. . If so, what kinds ?

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What is you LOs favorite food to eat? My DD loves my apple sauce. In store brought baby food she really likes the guava. *Not asking for advice. No bashing what other moms comment and what they feed their LOs.

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My baby will be 9 months old on the 30th and doesn't have any teeth yet but she seems really interested in what we eat and doesnt really want her baby food anymore. Has this happened with anyone else? When did you stop baby food and start feeding fr...

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Is there a certain amount of formula a baby should have in a day? My son is six months old,He'll drink a six ounce bottle when he wakes up, a four ounce one a few hours later and a six ounce bottle sometimes before bed. I feel like thats not enough. ...

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Do any of you Mommas make your own baby food? My son will be six months next month and I have done some research online for when the time comes, but wanted to know what some of you may do, what foods you use and how you make, portion, preserve it?

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I have a 5 mnth old babygurl and I was wondering how old is it okay to start her on baby food?!?

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Does anyone make their own baby food? Any advice?

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Is it safe to mix a spoon full of cerial into baby food? She loves the carrots but they're too runny she just makes a mess. I added a little single grain cerial and it made it like pasta sauce. It was much easier for her to eat. She's 7 months.

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Opinions ladies, Am I over-reacting? I just started my 5 1/2 month old on pureed food just barely two weeks ago. I make all her food myself and it gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what she is eating. Anyway, I just found out my husband's step m...

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Which do you prefer jarred baby food or making your own? How many times a day for a breast feed 8 month old?

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