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Maisie Rose Ross is here! She was born by vaginal birth. I can not yet post pictures because she was rushed to the NICU. They think she has CHD and she is getting the testing done now. I will post a picture when I am aloud to see her.

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Its confirmed, Maisie Rose Ross is going to be here today almost 3 months early.

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How do I am know if I am going into preterm labor? I am due November 4, 2017 and I think I am having preterm labor. Thanks.

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Good Sunday Morning, Moms. I feel like there's never enough time in a day. Anyone else?

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Boston rally 8/19/17 this is in my town. Over 10 thousand people showed up. BLM is here along other people. What is your opinion on this???

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Having a good vacation i miss my kids

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Have a badass Saturday!

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Hey mom's I have a question I have a 6 month old daughter but she not crawling yet at what age did y'all baby start to crawl

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Anyone knows best ob and labor hospital in Bronx or Manhattan?

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Happy Friday! Taking my mother to the doctor, take two...

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Have any moms here has had a hemorrhage after delivery?

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Have a great Thursday. I'm off to take my mother to the doc today.

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So im so sad this my 1st time being away for all 3 of my kids to have mommy free time im going out of state ....i really do need the free time just to be refreshed I have been going through a whole lot I'm only going to be gone for 4 days but it's go...

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If there is anyone looking for a new friend :) well what are you waiting for LETS CHAT! I promise I am not that crazy... LMAO well just the normal amount

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