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I'm doing a 100 day water fast and I'm only on my 3rd has any body else done a water fast for a long period of time please let me know how to get through it if you have

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Any moms have advice on starting your own company? My bf and I are really set on starting our own moving business we just don't know where to start 😲😭

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Potty training!!! Y are all my girls NOT into potty training?! These twins are on my last pass lol i guess i have to try like those moms said to do... LET THEM WALK W NOTHING and catch they ass... Sitting on the potty only gets me pee pee... Sometime...

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Why do people make it seem so bad if two parents get a divorce ? I get that the kids wouldn't be living in the 2 parent house anymore , but if the parents are coparenting what's the big deal ?(not talking about myself just seen something on fb ).. th...

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I have a question mommies is it bad for your 3 month old to set up or try to sit up by herself she will be 4 month on the 1

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I'm been having lots of pressure and sharp pain in my vigina I'm in so much pain I'm 36 weeks and 1 day is it just becuz im almost done or something else ??? Pls help im in pain when I walk and when I move around my bed 😭😭

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Any Muslim moms here?! Looking to better my Deen this Ramadan.

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Any Muslim moms here. Looking to better my Deen this Ramadan 🙏

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Hello ladies, I am interested into working from home but I have never done it before is there any tips and maybe even jobs that you all would know about that I could do that. Please let me know thank you and have a great day!

@Frostproof, FL View All 3 Answers they taste like regular noodles?do I hafta make my own or do they sell them? Trying to broaden my veggie I like fruits but not many veggies

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Well for the past couple of months I've been very angry not because I want to but because my step kids have been living with us. I'm not saying that I don't like them being with us I just want my own space back and I believe my kids feel the same. It...

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How do y'all feel about posting pics of your children on here? I was going to post pics of Olivia but every time I'm about too I change my mind 😕😕

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What are some good dinner recipes for picky husbands ?? Lately my SO and and I get into fights over dinner. It's so stupid! But he is super picky and I try to make dinner he likes but I'm not the greatest cook and I get overwhelmed easily with large ...

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What type of fruits do you like? Mines are cherries, mangos, honey dew, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, persimmons, kiwi, pears, now and then bananas and apples. I like most of them lol never tried papya. Dragon fruit is cool.

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So my daughter got sick Monday. I took her to the dr Tuesday morning they said she had strep and gave her antibiotics. She has been on them since then. So for 48 hours. She's still running a fever. I just checked it and it's 101.9. I don't remember t...

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