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Herbalife! Yay or Nay?!!

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Any moms dealing or dealt with a nasty taste in their mouth after every meal, Including brushing? 😷 chewing gum is the only thing that's helping but even after awhile the after taste kills me 😳😔

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Okay I seriously need some advice on biting!!! My daughter bites my youngest one year old son! I've tried spanking her! Biting her back! Corner ! Nothing ! Also she doesn't behave she's in terrible twos cuz she gets all the food out of the fridge so ...

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Do any other moms get extremely emotional when watching A Baby Story? I do because I had to have a emergency c section with my daughter and I had to be put to sleep because my body wouldn't numb. I had already had a epidural at 6 cm. Once I got to 9,...

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Good morning! Back to business as usual today, but playing catch up. I'll be back a little later, I'm not ignoring anybody. I promise!!!

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Wanna help finish an argument.... Is your dog an EQUAL to your children?

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Have you mommas ever had a dream were your husband/ boyfriends ex was in it and they were having sex and then you woke up ticked off yep thats me lol.

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Question! Ok, my husband and I don't know what we are having yet but we are thinking about names. Heres the drama. In the beginning of our relationship we talked about kids and the time I only wanted a boy and he wanted a girl. So, I told ...

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Mommies, can I see all of yalls baby bumps? My little girl is almost 6 months old now. Time sure does fly!

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I know this isn't a Q&A post. Buuuuut... I made some home made cinnamon and sugar donut holes!! And they are AMAZING!! lol

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So my apartment has little to no hanging storage ( or storage in general) like in my bedroom, bathroom and sons room. Aside from dressers, can you guys post pictures and give me ideas of how to create and maximize storage?

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Ok so my step son is afraid of our washer it makes alot of noise he's the only one afraid of it. He's 3yrs old and have told him several times its not going to hurt him I didn't know what else to do so I sat him on the washer as it was washing to sho...

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Thinking of taking a long road trip ny to tx, I have a 3.5 and 2 year old any recommendations? Over 1000 for plane tickets and I hate flying..

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Hey ladies! How long after having your baby did you go back to work? Just wondering because I feel like it's gonna kill me when it's time to leave her for work everyday!

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Ladies I need your advice it goes... So last year I was in school full time and I had to drop due to some personal issues.... This was like 6 months ago since I last worked or even went to school My husband and I want to try for baby numb...

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