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Would you ever go to a psychic? No, I don't believe in them.

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Anyone actually try this before? Results?

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My daughter is teething. I can see where one tooth is trying to pop out. She is absolutely miserable right now and the teethers don't seem to be helping... Any advice???

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Anybody have their nipples pierced? I always thought about it but I'm so nervous that once I get them they would get ripped out! I know crazy but I'm just thinking of the worst possible scenario.

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Okay okay. What do y'all think about a guinea pig? Who has had one and what can you tell me about them?? I have 2 kids under 3 and I'm worried because I don't want them to eat the litter lol how germy are they? When I had a rabbit they left pebbles a...

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Wrinkly skin after pregnancy, did it go away for you?

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Hey moms, I'm feeling a little blah right now. Almost like the energy is being drained from my body. Prolly has something to do with getting my monthly friend next week. What I wanna know is is there anything I can drink or eat to regain energy?

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Stuff like this pisses me off!! Man killed his two teen daughters and then shot his estranged wife in the leg and then killed him self. The wife told the police he has made threats about killing the kids before but didn't think he truly would!!! WTF ...

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Hey ladies! So of course all babies have blowout diapers, but Tony hasn't had one in a while. When I got him up this morning he had a serious blowout diaper. He's 20 months. He doesn't have a fever or anything and he acts like he feels fine but I'm n...

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Question: Who is breastfeeding? I tried to do both. My Boobs don't pump out enough milk for her so she never wants to breastfeed. What can I do?

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Any advice would be appreciated. I am supposed to start my monthly today. AF hasn't came. Took two pregnancy tests yesterday first one was defective and the second was neg... Has this happened to anyone? My first pregnancy I got positive results righ...

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Good morning moms. Coffee time! I got these creamers from the store and wanted to give them a try. What do you put into your coffee or do you like it black? Cheers ☕

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Have any moms on here didn't feel their baby at 15weeks? I'm 15weeks now and still feel nothing with my daughter I felt her so I was wondering if it has happened with anyone else.

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Good morning! I've got tons of running to do today!!! See you all later ☺

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Are There Any Same Sex Single Parents Here?

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