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When did your child get their first own computer?

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For moms with boys: do yours constantly grab and play with thier penis? Before it was just in the bath or occasionally in his room when he changed. But last few months it has been constant. Everytime i look at him his hand is grabbing it. Most of t...

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Looking to start babysitting again if u need a sitter in the Hampton area please inbox me

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Being a single mom is very hard and stressful especially with more than one child I have three and I literally want to see him for all my hair out to make sure every last one of them have what they need love clothes shoes hair done food electric a ro...

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I dont even know what to tell my friend...she had a 3some with her bf and friend and now she thinks they are sleeping together behind her back. I told her she shouldn't of done it in the first place and that it's not gonna change anything if she cut...

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Pick your 3 favorite outfits and hairstyles. We are going on vacation for 6 days, and have 3 fancy dinners. (Excuse how it says 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, ETC. I could bot find plain numbers)

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Ugh, today I have to take all four kids to the doctor appointment. Praying they are all OK!

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Good Sunday morning!

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Does anybody else feel they have absolutely no genuine friends?? I mean like friends that actually checkup on you or worry about you if they havent heard from you in awhile? I mean I think I am a pretty cool friend to have...whats the deal???

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So fed up. My husband is being a dick. Because we have 5 fuck*** animals and he wanted another animal. And now he will not even discuss our other pets. He is a complete and total dick.

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Rained in at great grandma's. Hes getting spoiled.

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Hey Mommies, I'm in need of advice! I'm a 25 yr old single mom of a 4 yr old lady, whose looking to have more kids. Any who I'm dating my boss*I know its wrong but I'm leaving my job for a better one* we are 4 month in and before we made it official ...

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Enjoy your Saturday!

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What kidsYouTube channels do you prefer your child NOT to watch?? What channels annoy you??

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