Jennifer Montes
@Denver, CO

Q. Hello moms!! I am concerned about my 5 year old daughter i walked in her room and her pants were half way Down and my 3 year old nephews pants were on but he said that she was flicking it. So i I googled sexual behavior in a 5 year old and it said that a 5 year old will be curious about her own sexuality and others that are close to her...i dont know what to do or think.

2 Answers

May 19, 2017

Just don't leave kids alone like that too often if you're uncomfortable. Some exploration is normal but some can be scarring, I know. Just keep your peepers open

May 19, 2017

Don't make a big deal about it to her .
Just tell her she shouldn't show her privates to others , and Somehow if she wants to explore to do it privately and that you're there to answer any questions she might have about her body .

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